About Us

Top working trees

Past to Present

Carlton Nursery began growing prune trees for the commercial orchard industry in 1890 in the town of Carlton. As the company grew it moved to different and larger pieces of property to accomodate its need for land. In 1971, the nursery finally settled in Dayton, Oregon on 600 acres at the site of the historic Alderman Farms.

The farm was originally one of Oregon's largest fruit and vegetable growers in the late 1800's and until the early 1940's. After purchasing the property, we retained and renovated many Alderman barns and shops, including the granary, which is now our main office facility. Since 1971, the nursery has acquired additional ground and now operates on approximately 1,850 acres.

Today Carlton Plants continues to provide quality bareroot trees (shade, ornamental and fruit), ornamental shrubs and rootstocks to growers, landscapers, retail garden centers, landscape contractors, and others engaged in the nursery industry.

Our Focus

Growing a top quality plant is and has always been our goal at Carlton Plants. We must not only supply our customers with the best product, but one that will perform well for them and their customers.

Over the past several years we have implemented several programs to continue to improve our product performance. These programs add measurable value to the products we offer. We believe this focus on performance and consistency in addition to quality, further benefits our customers.